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4 Tips To Create An Effective SMS Marketing Plan

effective sms marketing's result

  1. Concise is powerful : You should select the words carefully and write the message in a concise, yet powerful manner. Less is more when it comes to SMS marketing.
  2. Test with small number first : Always test your marketing campaign before launching it. Send the message only to a group of 100 people and then, based on the response, determine whether the trial run has been successful or not.
  3. Choose the right target : Do not send messages to everyone on this earth. Decide the purpose of your marketing campaign, and decide your target group accordingly. For example, if you have arranged a competition for kids at your store, there is no need to send messages to singles. Deciding the right target group is essential to increase conversion rate.
  4. sms marketing tipsUnsubscribe option : Give the option to unsubscribe. This gesture shows that you care for people and do not want to bother anyone not interested in your offers and promotions.


Too short? Less is more when it comes to sms marketing 🙂